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Welcome to Cameron’s Considerations, a website where I post reviews on some of media I have consumed and sometimes other stuff too.

Recent Posts –

Music Q&A

I have once again been tagged by my friend over at Alex’s Review Corner to answer some questions, this time those questions relate to music. So without further ado, lets begin. A band that changed your life? That is a deep question to kick things off with and it’s not one that I have an… Continue Reading →

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2

Where to begin with part 2 of Masters of the Universe: Revelation? Well for a start its definitely better, but it is still confused. This new part has redeemed the show in my eyes by addressing many of the major gripes I had with part 1. The cast is more diverse with He-Man and Skeletor… Continue Reading →

Koudelka – A Concise Experience

A friend of mine recently played through Shadow Hearts, one of my favourite videogames, for the first time and it got me thinking about how I had never played the game that came before it. Koudelka. See my entry to the series was with Shadow Hearts on the PS2 and I only learnt about its… Continue Reading →

Answering The Call

I have been tagged by Alex’s Review Corner to answer some questions on media and criticism in media. So without further ado, here are my answers. Between music, film/television, and game critics, which do you find the least consistently reliable? I don’t pay much attention to music critique as I find it isn’t hard to… Continue Reading →

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